At Swami, we believe great pinot noir should be both awe-inspiring and accessible.
Ask any wine guru to name the first bottle that gave them a transcendent experience, and chances are they'll tell you a story about this notoriously mercurial grape. They'll describe its exotic perfume, its intricate flavors and its elegant texture with a passionate reverence. Problem is, they'll probably go on to name a bottle that is impossible to find, much less afford.

Sixth-generation Sonoman Jeff Bundschu has spent his life exploring the natural treasures of the Sonoma Coast-as a vintner, cyclist, surfer and avid locavore. He and winemaker Keith Emerson have channeled their passion and extensive knowledge into sourcing and crafting a pinot from these cool, coastal valleys that boasts classic character and complexity, and yet is utterly approachable and affordable for everyday enjoyment.